Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Untitled - Still to be Decided

The flags of Albania and Kosovo were flying above the building of Summerhall in Edinburgh, a few days ago. Intrigued I went in and asked the person on reception why, but she did not know. 

The idea of building this cairn came from  Rory Stewart MP. (I wrote in an earlier post about his book The Places in Between, an account of his incredible walking journey across Afghanistan). Begun in July 2014, the cairn celebrates the 'auld acquaintance' of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. Thousands of people from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland have come to visit and to help build the cairn, a monument to the union of all the peoples of the UK. The project is called Hands Across the Border and the location is just outside Gretna Green, on the Scottish English border.

These are the flags of all the nations of the EU, flying outside the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg.


The Solitary Walker said...

Whatever the outcome of the vote tomorrow, Dritanje, I hope all goes for the best. Your observation about the flags of Albania and Kosovo, I think, was perhaps meant to send a complex message? It certainly made me think. But I do believe in the 'auld acquaintance' — very much so.

three sea horses said...

Goodness, I have never heard of this cairn! How amazing.
Thinking of you, my dear, wishing you courage and peace.
Love T xxx

Forest Dream Weaver said...

The cairn is a wonderful idea.I feel emotional just looking at the image.
Thanks for sharing this!

dritanje said...

Ah solitary walker, it was not supposed to be so complex, not really. There was no single flag flying, and the numbers increased, to make the point really about togetherness & unity.
I have been working at a polling station all day, and as such, was supposed to be 'neutral'. Hence, no clearly spelled out message, not in words anyway. Polls have closed and I'm finally home. So I can clearly say that I hope the United Kingdom will stay that way. In a few hours, we will know. Thank you for your thoughts!

dritanje said...

Thank you Trude and Ruby, for your thoughts. Yes, I think the cairn is an amazing idea and creation.
It has been a long day, which went quite quickly really, the turnout was fantastic, 90% of voters came in, all day. Only when it was over, did it hit me. We have done what needed to be done, now just a few hours to wait.
Morelle xx

The Solitary Walker said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy — for us all.

Vagabonde said...

You last photo with all the flags is lovely – beautiful flags flowing in the wind. I watched the vote with interest but was not sure whether a no or a yes was better for Scotland. In any case the majority of the people won.

dritanje said...

Thank you for your comment Vagabonde and glad you liked the photo of all the flags - I so much liked the sight of them in early evening, symbols of people really wanting to work together.