Saturday, 18 February 2012

At the Royal Scottish Academy - Winter in Colour, Ink and Style

Images from the catalogues....
Anthea Lewis (left) Helen Wilson (below)

I'm tempted to explode in a flurry of enthusiasm, bright colours of the imagination, superlatives to mirror the colour and the energy, the flights and the boldness of the paintings, prints and sculptures at the RSA. But really, a large white space would be better, so what is seen can filter in, fill and spill over, it would be better to walk softly, to hold one's breath, to marvel in silence, as if walking through a snowy wood, just as the sun goes down. Packing colour, silence and low light in pouches and fingers, glide through the rooms like a snail with its spiral home on its back, antennae wavering, extended....

Leena Nammari

It's the mixture of styles perhaps, it's like reading a collection of words by different writers. I like landscapes and buildings, and these collections restore my faith in art because there are so many recognizable shapes and scenes, colourful, skewed, stretched and enhanced, rounded or written over, filtered in different shades, elastic skies, globular water, transparent plants melting into sunlight. So much of modern art leaves me wandering in a maze, rarely dull, often brightly coloured even sparkling, sometimes twisted or repetitive, but too often incomprehensible to me. These figures, birds, animals, seascapes are warm, even in winter, they are brimming with life.

You can see many of the images at the links below, but it's far better to see the originals at the RSA, at the bottom of the Mound, Princes Street, Edinburgh. The exhibition runs until 1st March.

Moira Ferrier

Society of Scottish artists

Royal Scottish society of painters in watercolours

visual arts Scotland

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