Sunday, 19 June 2011

Glimpses of Budapest

Quinta journal, 19th June 2o11, Budapest

the faint and reassuring clack of trams
in early morning -
men hose down the underpass
beside Keleti station -
the same streets Robert Capa walked down


acacia trees beside the citadel -
bridges sweep across the grey-green Danube -
time is packed into their metalwork,
their stones, an empire,s declarations.
Love too, arching over the water


the pomp, the grandeur,
the imperial scale of buildings -
I turn to small things - the map,
the glimpse of water between the metal plates
on the Széchenyi Iánchid bridge


Forest Dream Weaver said...

Hello,I can't believe how far you've got already.I picked up your e-mail late,then almost immediately saw the post!
Yesterday Maddy and I went for a Solstice walk at Tantallon.It seemed like a gift....sunshine and blue skies,I thought of you,maybe she did too. Today it's pissing down.

Hope the sun is shining on you!

dritanje said...

Hi Ruby, thanks, also thought of you on solstice. Right now i'm on the black sea the sun is definitely shining and I've just been swimming, it's wonderful!