Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sofia quinta and Stepaway Magazine Update

This computer sits on an old table with a foot treadle - this mixture of old and new technology is hard work but a quaint idea, don't you think?

I've seen so many lovely places - they need 'recollection in tranquillity' to do them justice. Also I can't yet post any pictures. So this is just one Sofia quinta.

Stars are out above the near-deserted streets -
'round midnight at 'the inglenooks' -
Sofia's miniature Etoile -
the last tram sidles round the corner
squeals softly to a halt beside us


And Stepaway Magazine's latest issue has just come out - you can find a piece I wrote about walking in Tirana's streets here


three sea horses said...

you are away again!! oh, wow, such a courageous pal! look forward to reading and seeing more soon.
go well, dear friend.
love Txxx

dritanje said...

Oh thank you my dear. As usual there are good times and not so easy but I have been very lucky on this trip with a pal to show me round Sofia. I'll also be doing a reading here on 30th June. I may be able to post some info before the event - or after! Thank you so much for your good wishes it means a lot. xxx

three sea horses said...

thank you for your message! it was lovely to get.
i have now looked at my notes re that film and what i should have put is -
be brave enough to leave all that is familiar when setting out on a truth finding journey. see all that happens as a clue. all people met as teachers. face and forgive difficult realities about oneself. find truth.
roughly put but its a bit better put like that! she didnt give everything up as such, just left all the familiar to go on a journey .. just like you do! xxx
Good luck with the reading tho i dont expect you will need that :) xxx

bogpan said...

Hi, Melanie. I remember very well that your poem is very well absorbed the atmosphere of the night in Sofia. I was extremely impressed by the fact that language in your poems vary depending on the countries where you have written. The more south, so language became more metaphorical and figurative. Thanks for your reading the translations in my blog and interesting proposal for translation into French. For me is a curious translation of a second language (English). Please excuse me for a response but your blog is very interesting. I see my favorite authors, great travelogues and, of course poems (which are my weakness). Can complement some interesting facts like thatCathars have roots Bulgarian Bogomil and Dubravka that is of Bulgarian origin. I personally really like a Scotsman Kenneth White - a very good poet, according to my taste.
Here I leave a link with an English translation published in the American site, if you're interested.
with best wishes,

bogpan said...