Saturday, 2 April 2011

Magic and Monochrome

An exhibition of August Sander's photographs is at the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh Scotland, until early July. If you can possibly get there, go and see it. You will see images of astonishing people, so real so solid so expressive. Most of them are not named, but described only by their profession. Most of them inhabit what they do so surely that it fills up all the space in their bodies and around them too. The only ones who did not, who seemed almost empty were the 'industrialists'. Boots, caps, overalls, dresses are filled with the presence of these people. Their clothes are not so much decoration but part of them. And of course it is all monochrome, so much play of light, and what is hidden and hinted at, in shadow.

At the August Sander photographic exhibition – 2 quintas

1) A Secretary at the West German radio

she sits, her shoulders slightly hunched

her short hair, a la garçonne

her expression in repose reaches for challenge

while the light reaches

for the fine bones of her face

2) Pastrycook

His role inhabits all his limbs -

those broad shoulders straining at his overalls,

his muscled hands hold bowl and mixing spoon -

his pose, his challenging expression -

he has become one with his life

Thanks to Aesthetics and Sounds blogspot for these images, where you can find out more about August Sander. Even more information can be found at Weimarart blogspot, where I discovered that the 'secretary' was Sylvia von Harden, poet and journalist.

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Forest Dream Weaver said...

Powerful and sensitive work and an amazing window into Sander's long working life.An exhibition not to be missed.

Thanks for the links! Rx