Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cubertou, France

A lovely cafe we stopped at on the way.

Cubertou, Lot et Garonne

We had one breakdown on the way, which statistically, is about average. We took the very early – 4 am- ferry Dover to Boulogne, and drove a little way south before stopping, to sleep a little. But when JR tried to start the car later in the morning, it would not, the battery was completely flat. And so the theatre began, of trying to contact the breakdown services. The number rang, and they play some music while you wait. Meanwhile the mobile phone is running out of money. I didn't have time to tell them where we were, before I was cut off. Next, I have to try to top up the phone, but it refuses the information I put in. So we walk to the nearest village, find a café where the owners kindly let us use their phone, get through to the breakdown people, tell them where we are, and in an hour's time someone arrives and charges the battery. It's now well on into the afternoon but we are finally en route.

Today there is a slight breeze and a few clouds, it's blessedly cool and there's an acacia tree just outside the window, which looks down onto the drive leading to the road. Yesterday I found the path leading to Duravel. The trails, petites randonnées, are clearly marked, different colours for each path, so you know where you are going or at least which colour of path you're following. At each turn, a tree trunk or post has a little splash of colour, showing you you're on the right path and sometimes there's a cross, to show you that's not the way to go. The French are amazing, they have it all thought out, and even those with the greatest tendency to get lost, feel that they are catered for. You may not know where the path leads, but you know that at least you are heading somewhere.
The other day I found the ruins of a church dating back to the 11th century, according to the sign, dedicated to St. Avit. She or he is not a saint I am familiar with. On stonework that's clearly been renovated, the equal-armed cross of the Cathars was drawn in the mortar.

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three sea horses said...

lovely it seems over there from here.
write more please!
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Hi to JR!
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