Work published on the internet can be found via the following links. 


2019      Bicycle Man - London Grip Magazine

2018      Santa Fe Train - Poetry Pacific

2018      Highland (and German translation) - Our Man in Vienna

2017      Canal Street Cafe - Keep Poems Alive

2016      Texas Night - Keep Poems Alive

2016      Boatman - Keep Poems Alive

2016      Waiting in the Rain - Contemporary Literary Horizon

2016      Leaving Albania, Canal Street Cafe (& others) - Litcentr (Ukraine)

2015      Quintas/photographs - Stravaig

2015     5 Poems in English & French - Recours au Poeme

2012      Yellow Road to the Deep North (and others) - Scottish Poetry Library

2012      In Memoriam Will Smith/Musee Flaubert - The Passionate Transitory

2012      When the Almond Tree..../Alighting/Estuary Bird - The Passionate Transitory

2 quinta - Golden Thread Site

Sculpture sur Prose - 30e Festival Franco-anglais de poesie

Canal Street Cafe, Market Street Albania and The Forgotten Cherub on Shore Poets CD site

Edward Lear's House in Corfu on Catapult to Mars site

The Star Reaper, The Camel Driver's Story - from Anthology of Scottish Women Poets, ed. Catherine Kerrigan

Chester Morning Orchestra, Mountain Road, -  
Crossed Translations, translated into French by Dominique Sorrente, while we were on a residency at Diable Vauvert, France, on the Scriptorium website 

Dubrovnik, Ionian Coast Road, Piazza in Venice, Market Street Albania  on Mediterranean 

Home in Transit - Scottish PEN, New Writing


2018    Passages - The Nasiona Magazine

2018    Towards Mount Pantokrator - The Island Review

2017    Travel with Theos Lines - Autumn Voices

2015    Extract - Open Roads & Secret Destinations  - Contemporary Literary Horizon

2015 - A Street in Berlin- In the shade of trees and history - Stepaway Magazine

2014     In the Monastery on Levure Litteraire 

2013     Extract from Brama Park, Poland, on Orizont Literar Contemporan

2013     Essay on Kazimiera Iłłakowiczowna in Scottish Review

Inclusiveness and Magic - on Simona-Grazia Dima's Poetry at Levure Litteraire

Walking as Identity - Tirana, Albania - Stepaway Magazine

Citadels of Vertigo and the Ethics of Desire - Textualities

Mirror City on Hot Metal Bridge website

A Belonging Place - From Tirana to Pogradec - Pilvax Magazine

Ismail Kadare and the Mythic Consciousness - The Dublin Quarterly

Where the Thunder Comes From - Arabesques Review

Egon Schiele's Paintings and Vienna's Evening Streets - Textualities


2019 Review of  Billiards at the Hotel Dobray by Dušan Šarotar - Scottish Review

2019 Review of Learning how to Sing by James Aitchison - Scottish Review

2019 Article on writers in Edinburgh Bookfest - Scottish Review

2019 Article on Bucharest architecture - Scottish Review

2019 Article on Tirana's Bunk'Art - Scottish Review

2019 Translation of The good-for-Nothings by A Schwarzenbach - Scottish Review

2018 Review of Herbert Kuhner's Jazz Poems - Our Man in Vienna

2018 Article on Island of Kerrera, Scotland - Scottish Review

2018 Review of A Swarm of Dust by Evald Flisar - European Literature Network

2017   Review of A Burrell Tapestry by Sally Evans - Scottish Review

2017   Review of Hair Everywhere by  Tea Tulić - Scottish Review

2017    Article on Kos - Scottish Review

2017    Review of  Cairn by Gerard Rochford - Scottish Review

2017    Review of The Gates of Light by James Aitchison - Scottish Review

2017    Review of Gotham Rising by Jules Stewart - Scottish Review

2016    Review of poetry collection Whatever the Sea - Scottish Review

2016    Review of Eric Satis-faction - Scottish Review

2016    Review of The 9 Lives of Antoine de Saint Exupery - Cafe Babel

2016 - Review of Ioana Parvulescu's Life Begins on Friday - Scottish Review

2016 - Review of Catherine Czerkawska's The Jewel - Scottish Review

2016 - Review of Volker Weidermann's Summer Before the Dark - Scottish Review

2016 - Review of Blendi Fevziu's Enver Hoxha by  - Scottish Review

2016 - Review of Scott Naismith's  Scottish Skies - Scottish Review

2015 - Review of Walter Stephen's A Dirty Swindle - Scottish Review

2015 - Review of Recovering Scotland's Slavery Past - Scottish Review

2015 - Review of Ajay Close's A Petrol Scented Spring - Scottish Review

2015    Review of Vladislav Bajac's Hamam Balkania - Scottish Review

2015    Review of Tangram Theatre's Darwin: The Origin of Species - Cafe Babel

2015    Review of Othello, production by Smooth Faced Gentlemen - Cafe Babel

2015    Review of Tangram Theatre's The Element in the Room - Cafe Babel

2015    Article on Berlin - Scottish Review

2015    Article on Cyprus - Scottish Review

2015    Review of Michel Houellebecq's Soumission - Scottish Review

 2014    Article on Ukraine - Scottish Review

2015    Review of The Lucky Charm of Major Bessop - Textualities

2014    A Journey to the Centre of the World - Scottish Review

2014     Review of Edith Durham's The Blaze in the Balkans - Scottish Review

2013     Looking for Private Smith - Scottish Review

2013     Albania and Kosovo -  Kosovo 2.0

2013     Review of Anna di Lellio's The Battle of Kosovo 1389 - Kosovo 2.0

2013     Les Courses Camarguaises - Scottish Review

Albert Camus article - Scottish Review

Fatos Lubonja and Albania - The Scottish Review

Augmenting Reality article - The Scottish Review

Translation of Coincidences by Nicolas Bokov - in Levure Littéraire
The Personal and the Political in the French Elections 2012 - TheScottish Review

Marché de la Poésie, Saint Sulpice, 2012 PEN blog
 From Thessaloniki to Ohrid - Macedonia's Diversity Website

The Minoans -A People who Loved the Sea - Stigmes - Crete's Magazine

Berat, Albania - Balkan Travellers

Dubrovnik, Croatia - The Journey Within - Balkan Travellers

In the Kingdom of Ali Pasha  - Balkan Travellers

Browsing Albania: Saranda and Butrint  - Balkan Travellers

Life is a Promise in Durres, Albania   - Balkan Travellers

Review  of Petar Tchouov's Safety Pins - Haiku Reality

Review of Fatos Lubonja's  Second Sentence - Scottish PEN

Review of How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone - Litter Box magazine


Dreamers and Exiles - a look at the life of Annemarie Schwarzenbach - Scottish Astrological Association